avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Truths’ unnecessary adjuncts to memories’ pasts’ imaginings shade shameful decisions not simply untaken yet permanent in your imaginations’ wakeful dreams

You sleep more peacefully with nightmares founded on happenings forgotten and restless than days’ open-eyed despairings deeply seated in beliefs’ creations

You stand in self-judgement when lies’ surrounding armies penetrate flesh with swords’ points of humans’ desperate lust for ephemeral melodies’ indulgent lyrics of interpreted irrationality

You are laid out of state on faults shimmering in quakes unfelt beyond your skin yet triggered through ideas’ sensations from the mouths of enemies undeclared of uncertainties’ wars

You became trapped yet somehow breathe phoenixes of disillusionment long waited yet unanticipated in the face of ideals beyond absences of concern

Hate lives in the many while you scream silent curses against its implied victory

Your freedom shimmers through hazes of protest without idolatry’s speech

Action in itself is your weapon of self-defense

Time is become your ally in its impermanence

(Avi Sato, 2019)