avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Filaments’ imagined warmth
stands within mirrors
far from parallel
where patterns
no longer break from reality
yet drop to knees of
darkness worship

Matches lie unstruck
in boxes of self-adherence
perpetuating the silence of
in unshakable vacuums
tearing themselves apart
within daydreams of unspoken hatreds

Images of expectation
diverge in tears from
your understanding
classification is your birthright
denied by today’s
obsession with privilege
you take as fact

Yourself is paramount
yet impermissible
somehow unexpressed
a system of inherited values
whispered through immovable lips
quivering in forced submission
of the other

You wish not for escape
but fortresses to repel
enemies undomestic
unlike your view
your individual unassaulted
yet your class
disintegrates in unambiguous acceptance

Not your dreams
the equality of those unseen
yet the word itself
the bedrock of your ideal
far from contradictory
behind fingers in trigger-guards
looking toward unbuilt walls

Ringed by fences of history
and artistic superiority
framed by lenses you forget exist
in reverberations of unwhitened loathing
and beneath pyramids’
memories unhanded
and countings impossible in Roman unzeroed bases

You see unschooled children
in the faces of others
desired drowned in oceans of distance
decimated behind dunes’ reflective firelight
those to teach to fish
yet into from whose hands
you wrench the rod of self-sufficiency

If only they walk paths
not of inequality
while speaking lyrics of empires’ collapse
Britannia’s unruly waves
break bitchy aftertastes from new world shores
amid slaveries’ unspoken tomorrows
echoed behind your closed lips

(Avi Sato, 2019)