avi sato . be thought . live dreams



You speak forgotten words into silence to brave responses from those who desperately hide their heads in molten sand grown opaque with the brutality of privilege

Questioning their impulse to overwhelm denotes you as beyond skeptic and reminds them of unwelcome challenge in your innocence

Self-preservation screams motives for emotional genocides and enflamed persecution in the name of faithful reproduction of the present

From news yet false and flagrant comes harsh viciousness of purpose to deny the necessity of change while they decry you as heretic

Your feet walk paths through gardens once imagined planted with flowers neatly tended and in pursuit of beauty but you with eyes open see their state

Barren wildernesses said gardens hold nothing but the illusion of tomorrows and promises of todays unexpected but remain elusive faced with uprisings of those unarmed

Wildflowers grow between concrete headstones of ideas whose times came unseen and topple civilizations’ bronzed goddesses

A return to earth’s ministrations not quite tender awaits those who fight with tongues against those of fists

(Avi Sato, 2019)