avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Light masquerades as trivial insects in droplets seeking gravities’ escapist hopes for moments of identity and eternities of reabsorption

Scattered voices scream against walls’ unseeing cloisters to fall toward stone courtyards beneath totem structures of submission

Your gaze captures shifting horizons yet collapses within itself at the prospect of nearby visions

You hear whispers within waves shattered against fragmentary dunes while protests carried within passions unabated volume are absorbed by lassitudes’ societal apex of today’s dogmatic tiredness

If momentary lapses in displays of self-loathing escape caffeinated comas of ahistoric disenchantment to give snatched reverberations of woken dialog no response issues to answer

Devotion to secular faiths of daily disinterest and outward viciousness devolve to tomorrows’ endless echoes of yesterdays

Todays’ bypassings lie unspoken in the search for virtual nirvanas whose attainment is less desirable in your eyes than sobriety

Disillusionment is your new religion of protests’ absence

(Avi Sato, 2019)