avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Unmarked Questions

Believe me, we are no longer,
Not dead, simply without the necessity
To exist
To breathe life into thought
As thought is become deceased
Burial abhorred
The enemy of truth may be deceit
But faith’s enemy
It is not infidelity, yet questions
Answers irregardless

Those around us live
Without elucidation
Interrogations left unbegun
Unremarked, undesired
Sadly unnoticed

Inquiries limit themselves to banalities
Depth, an affront to freedom,
Doubt become faithful obsession,
No longer a society of religion,
The only sin is to ask

Equality of positions’ value
No longer questioned,
Simply extant,
Assumed as fundamental right,
Inhuman yet pervasive,
The voice of many
Shouts over few’s whispers
To be right,
We listen only to the loud

Those who say nothing
But speak words of tomorrow
Today’s duplicate

We are no longer
We simply were and forgot to leave

(Avi Sato, 2019)