avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Gentle streams of passive forgotten promises defy expectations of unforgiving emotion

No desire of truth acts so strongly as that for which I desperately wish were a hastily spoken lie

You walk away without shouldered glance or burden of the life your shape is now apart

Tomorrows’ missing you lives within the daydreams of today as motive for endings once unimaginable

Ubiquitous personal spiritualities are crushed by suicides’ unrequited release

Deaths’ passions rival screenplays of immortality by design of distant flames of disinterest

You pretend forgettings faced with loyalties’ normalcies’ uninterpretable endlessnesses

Forever is not in your heart’s ambiguous sense of realities’ unimpeachable flux

Yet through the eyes you no longer wish to see reflected in your own no deeper love may find itself within you than the one from which you carefully pretend ignorance and detached immovability

Your words are etched behind eyes no longer capable of tears in the sorrow of your remembered laughter

(Avi Sato, 2019)