avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Unconscious streams

Unclouded realizations
Free me from pretended passions
To show a loss
Impossible to fill
Yet motivation for new thoughts
Creative in their meaninglessness
Somehow reshaping visions
In the image of you who
Inhabits no longer
Neither coils nor firmaments
Scriptures’ descriptions
Shadows of your life yet short
Faced with their millennia of impossibilities
Striking in brevity
With a life unbound by
Of formality
Imposed from above
Not even that of below
Dragging you into reality
That for you never existed
While you created me
From the dust I once was
In images not of you
But a self
Held by your hand
Once thought inescapably trapped
As crushed fragments of sparks
Uncontained yet unable to float
Freely on winds

But the touch of your fingertips
Decimated glass fences once unseen
While in your missingness
I feel echoes of you
As I live what gods refused to endow
You embodied in mere moments
Fleeting endlessly