avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Within becomes not simply frightened location with merest movements that inhabit rather than tease and embody consumption in their rhythmic possession from within

Unwanted yet avoided only by speech trapped behind lips of conditioned playful submission

The simplicity of nos echo within minds yet in their implication of violences overriding necessities passionately quell themselves amid declarations of unending yes

Conquest overrules sanity with bloods’ solid aftereffects to overwhelm with liquid abundance

Fabric split from itself in disinterested grasps of unrequited longing and shivering performative memorization never again hopes for wholenesses far from possibilities in mindless devotional repetition

Silent walls back transparent ceilings of speechless gratitude pasted over broken trusts

Lyrics of impassioned playful nudities drive enharmonic shifts of perspective to forgive with penetrated lips and swallow petrified agonies

Selfs’ paralysis is expectations’ submissiveness

Itself excuse for lust’s animal coupling of the unwilling with the unrestrained

Be not you if you desire not

As self may only exist in willingness’ acceptance

(Avi Sato, 2019)