avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Tanka in memory

your flowers face suns’
reluctant days’ beginnings
behind shadowed clouds
how do your footsteps tremble
standing by that endless lake

within each moment
lies tomorrows’ promises
yet i am afraid
it is in your presence that
i feel completely alone

truth escapes my lips
floating on the air above
unwelcome escape
with each syllable spoken
you learn more of my secrets

i feel nothing yet
i have woken by your side
at another dawn
where is it written that i
feel safe that you shall remain

beyond my daydreams
you stand silhouetted
against my sunsets
no imaginations’ ghost
inhabits your lifeless gaze

you sing harmonies
beneath your words in my head
silently repeating
refreshing those memories
i cannot reflect but hear

pages turn behind
my eyes each written of you
times you have forgotten
write new memories for me
in spite of your long absence

trivial encounters
echo ceaselessly in me
yet where are you now
your presence was never simply
calm yet your kisses bestowed peace

your eyes share a world
lost to all but imagination
your gift to me
depth required no language
your touch making all thoughts clear

desire expressed no
reservations in your face
yet thought conquered fear
taking me from self to new
a life lived in your image

brief glances downward
reveal a day no longer awake
birth of our future
worlds’ screams shimmer and vanish
shrouded by the promise of nights

rivers’ bridges fall
as i carry you alone
standing in water
unfeeling legs give me
no desire to put you down

lips form words unspoken
yet understood within me
from your direct gaze
eyes pure in their unwavering
stillness sweep fire through my soul

nature’s stone arches
speak your words in the absence
touched by breaths of wind
forgive me for living here
when you have long since walked away

salvation comes not
but in my memories of you
rewritten endlessly
you no longer are hidden
yet you are my unbroken path

forgiveness dies
death appropriates your image
endlessly desired
forgotten moments are relived
consumed by regret once secret

image of your stillness
you live in hearts’ openness
never to return
beauty pauses at lifetimes’
no longer spent in your arms

taste is now dispelled
honeyed twitches of my lips’
longing for your presence
life escapes no memories’ immortality
given reflected in your movement

pages remain still
writing ceases with your breath
words echo in stillness
lyrics of compassions abandoned
sing beyond constraints of time

the touch of fingers
loosely interlocked on island paths
remain unbroken
winds’ light trembling on my hand
breathes your presence at my side

endless shadows fall
collapsing my dreams of you
yet sparks remain
a fire slowly kindled within
illuminates my footsteps

interference patterns
bring you no peace from my lips
i am not yet strong
life within me is not endless
as there comes a day when i am not

hold me close to you
in the image of unbeing
to sleep by your side
broken from earth’s embraces
may i walk through rivers to you

a candle flickers
darkness consumes not your flame
a life too short
laughters’ echoes overwhelm
footsteps walk dried streams toward you

butterfly lingers
young touch on my hand
memories of warmth
desert sand trapped on the wind
fills my palm with lost treasures