avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Concentric arcs disappear toward shimmering calms
Each breaking stride against its neighbors’ fences’ encroachments
Heaven’s increasing drops mesh toward lake’s ideal mirror
Single images quickly become fragments
Hope for cohesion dispelled

Intersected circles’ self-integration gives shadow to clouds’ failed attempts at lights’ rebellion through hovering liquid
Where once I glimpsed myself
Now stand myriad mes
Deformed to points unexpected echoing to horizons’ hopeful ends
I conceived no self-brokenness on such scales

As thoughts once clear reflect as multiplied divergences
No possibility to stand together remains
Would it were possible to assemble not as humans but one

Yet divisive rhetoric instantiates segregated sisters

Chances to walk miles in other shoes
Implies representative non-selves
An idea of times past
Eras when place
And past
Experience stood behind tradition

I am told
Identity obviates beauty’s necessity
Majorities’ beliefs overshadow unpopular views
Speak words of reflexive aggrandizement into shadowy repeating chambers

Glass houses beg stones’ fracturing flights
I shan’t be the first among equals

(Avi Sato, 2019)