avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Daylights’ devolve toward fragrances shimmering above streams unconscious with the magical assumptions that dance midair at the moment of dusk to taste into your soul seconds of harmonies yet silenced upon your seeking lips

No darknesses consume that willingness behind your eyes to escape from todays’ thoughts somehow all-consuming yet unwanted in their sensory pervasiveness and levitate within yourself into skies slightly tinged with a blue lost to all but the most imaginary of eyes before the wink of the new moon’s startled face

Polyphonies of reason decry rational answers from galleries unknowable and unbelieving yet you step through mountain horizons into waking images of footfalls on virgin grasses watered by immaterial rivers whose tongues amaze ancient cities with mythologies of uncreation

Your smile confronts deaths’ myriad provocations with unrealized lyrics amid dreamless eternities of cycles remaining unfulfilled in their emptinesses while blacknesses’ false nirvanas present concentric rings of entrapment toward fingers not yet able to touch your depths

You awake to skies afire from idiosyncrasies with eyes straining to perceive in the absence of proximate stars while unending twilights creep into mornings yet a mirror within you teaches joy in unknowing

(Avi Sato, 2019)