avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Glass’ self-separations cast shadows’ fragmentary hues
Marble’s white resembling dye become untied
Coherence dispersed teaches
The whole need not be less than parts’ sums
While expectations dictate myself as past’s unquestioning offspring
No more than mild divergence from nation’s self-image
Become manifest
The individual alive and well in death
Your reflection I am and you me
Expression replacing action
Itself become token wildness
Farther from last night’s accepted with each passed generation
Flamboyance replacing substance
If ever such was
Liberal posts stand where racist diatribes once held sway
Covering hatreds no longer spoken
More engrained as days pass
Hidden as once loves’ bent expressions cowered in cultures’ closets
Eros’ passions overwhelm sisters’ hopes
Ecstasies’ claim of all moments engages new dialectics
Of stages of us
We embrace as lovers or I am them
Significant in your speech somehow desired no more than as unpredictable stimulus
My thoughts if not yours

(Avi Sato, 2019)