avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Spectrum Lessons

Take not my words as awoken truth as they flow from places no less misunderstood than perception allows of spirits descended from treetops’ heights too distant for proper intoxication

Your humanity depends not on a comprehension of my mistaken beliefs but passionate adherence to expectations taken from past mistakes of others and destined to be repeated

Endlessly with breaks only for compulsory regret and liquid morning stimulants as impassioned hindsight is your only acceptable tool for founding a future on losses’ innumerable

Yet somehow deemed the cost of admission to a world you may walk within yet never possess without allowing the intrinsic lusts of human misery and reflection of others’ sorrows

Sparking entertainment within your soul and compartmented laughter necessarily prohibited in its black market self-provisioning while others whisper footsteps across valleys of darkness

Your fear consumes their tongues’ lyrics and binds them to itself in the birth of reflective images not built from impressions’ lost creation myths but tomorrows’ lonely treehouses of adulthood

Your errors may be your own yet their motives stray from the purity of youths’ lost innocences and curved learnings’ quickly forgotten rites in ambiguities’ uncomprehended paths

(Avi Sato, 2019)