avi sato . be thought . live dreams



upon rounded stones cast down by winds of pasts’ unremarkable waters you show the face my memory draws onto surfaces slick with night’s blossoms’ reflections

fallen leaves break into mind’s creation amid lapping waves to turn your voice’s clarity in my recently banished dreams to mere echoes of a civilization born in you

unbelievable lyrics transform the river’s endless susurration from nature to human stories of wisdom unrealized and enlightenment lost in a moment of unclarity

yet you reached out of that almost-brightness to place hands on hands and lips where lips seek to find their partners to free me from obsessions’ lustful demonstrations of their instantaneous power

drawing me from the reality of my now to create peace following you up a mountain not of your making but discovered in each second as something indistinct from the you that i breathed in love and a confusion of unnamed sensations

between trees you press plucked flowers between my fingers and draw me toward the ground in shouts of ecstatic gratefulness for the smell of life and reward me for my smiles with those of your own

[avi sato, 2019]