avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Questions distill themselves from limitless winds that carry exceptions masquerading as negative proof

You sit beneath walls’ gaze seeking calm yet thoughts obviate peace and decry angers’ motives

Inaction shimmers unseeable toward movement while half-open eyes measure seconds’ ticked

Your often echoed mantras ring hollow behind eyes’ lifeless compassionate artifices

Fatalisms’ dark embrace consumes moments more generous than numbering allows

While terrified options lead through lands of paralysis populated by endless tunnels unlit even from their endings

Your introspection reroutes shivering streams through imperfect valleys of obsession

You take shelter in the shadow of solid cliffs of denuded images of objective truth who look on your sleeping form and claim it as their own in the manner of perspective

Yet belief is not an answer but more motive to ask neither what nor when but why

Sutras fall from your tongue with the ease of practice

You build literal truths from allegorical meanderings in minds primed to see more than shapes

(Avi Sato, 2019)