avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Slip gently behind lines held by those not quite awake enough to be enemies yet somehow distant in their distress at your existence

Taste their thoughts on the air as you walk before eyes cast upward in an attitude of loss while they become the very image of distrust

Breathe through the winds of their desires calmed only by the brutality within them unable to win against the terror of persecution in the depths of depravities’ unadmitted lusts at your otherness

Stand peacefully overlayed against horizons now silhouetted before a sunshine they pray to for deliverance out of foreign lands become their own from where escape is their only refuge

Yet they realize nothing examining your skin as if it were unknowable in its enveloping presence while theirs covers sins of judgment and grasps glass-housed stones of hatred

Begin within their visions and inhabit their forgotten dreams if you must as in their hatred you become the obsession of their unimaginable night terrors visited not on your head but elsewhere in their insatiable capacities to denude your lips’ lyrics of self-compromise

End not within their minds but fulfill daydreams’ enviable silences from behind staged curtains of modest reawakenings taken from your bedside but returned carried on the winds of tomorrow’s dawn hesitations

Awakened self-directed photographs stir reflected into your thoughts from dark words spoken into ears deaf with their ubiquity and face not them but one your fingers grasped as new family

(Avi Sato, 2019)