avi sato . be thought . live dreams



I draw lines of water droplets
Into the calm stream
Beneath my eyes
Where I find reflections of your face
Staring at my unmoving form
Whose tears
Now unhidden
Share your presence with a world
Undeserving in its forgetfulness
While I am consumed by the loss of futures imagined
With each day’s dusk
As sunsets collapse yesterday
Into this rotation
And distance multiplies into
Mirrored reverberations
Where your voice becomes muffled
With the passage of that time
That others say
Heals wounds
But simply creates in me
An emptiness
That you once filled
And no longer embody
In anything
But my dreams
Shared with your lost mind
Disembodied at hands I
Failed to still
Failed to hold
Allowed to turn on themselves
With that abandon that
Within my sight
You once gave me
From myself
And led me to promise
Life in your image
But I see now only the beauty
Of you
One step beyond my horizon

(Avi Sato, 2019)