avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Shoulder Glances

Within dreams’ unyielding presence lies untruths awaiting acceptance as reformed and rewritten paradigms of histories’ interpretations’ desires to replace past happinesses with newly minted despair

Unfulfilled hopes mingle whisked toward rigid peaks of loneliness once unfelt yet remembered with no sense of their inherent artifice created in the image of hopelessness

To reflect days’ experiences no longer bright in shadows’ contemplative echoing depths transforming laughter to tensions’ breaths heavy within chests banded by rendered belts of perceptions’ creation

If the once encountered self lives only in minds’ eyes peering over shoulders with focus unwavering in its intensity for iterated duplications of present pains it may be a curse to approach dawns as anything not slated blanks of tomorrows improvisational

Behaviors’ unprecedented flit between cavern limitations rising ever nearer with each ideated untruth breathing life toward trending patterns once ephemeral become fixed endlessnesses unbreakable in severities’ consequence of fates’ retribution

(Avi Sato, 2019)