avi sato . be thought . live dreams



I breathe as if there is no moment but the one in which I find myself indulging in sensations deep and simultaneously unsubtle that take me from a feeling of apprehension to that of pure and unadulterated panic both immediate and ephemerally everlasting

An image of faith not simply lost but alive and well in its questioning fluidity gives me imaginary ideas of comfort but grounds me to an earth beyond unstable yet somehow collapsing under the weight of realities’ unnecessary influence

Ubiquitous terrorism of the soul denies me escape as I may avail myself of flights’ opportunities in the face of disasters external and human but within I am interred while gasping breaths’ undesired life and fanciful dreams distract not a moment

Fear’s consumption’s become clockwork before eyes unmoving in adrenaline’s paralysis not of motion alone but thought adhered to potentialities’ improbabilities made certainties to spite pleasures’ impossibilities no longer hoped for if unseen

Awakenesses project auras of impermanence during ages of a compassionless eternity unyielding in its solemnity contrasting ritually minds’ inherent charged skirmishes with indecision’s secluded admissions of efforts’ unforeseen absenteeism

(Avi Sato, 2019)