avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Dear muse do not simply inspire thought
Compel digits to caress loving sculptures from the merest touch
Reform pixels in the image of spoken beauty
Tear hate from synapse and build it in memory of unuttered lies
Become me in flickered half-awareness beneath covers
Clothe passive voices with newly sacred icons
Let active thought be derived within first reading’s meetup
Between fingertips’ scrolling and eyes’ briefest escape
From notifications’ drawing me to worship their immediacies’ deities
Compose in me lyrics beyond communication
Instantiate newly objectified realities from my fingers
Existing solely between optic nerve and memory’s delay
Stimulate belief in unknowable misconceptions
Stand me between words held with each finger’s brief lingering
Make me desire no ancient papers
Deliver me from arcane quill shadows
Find home within imagined circumstances
Letters existing without ink
Syllables conducting liberated dances on palms

(Avi Sato, 2019)