avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Lucid streams’ ephemera traces lazy sweeps between half-remembered dunes breathing new mountains solid in imaginations’ instant sacred spaces of created pasts

Forget once tasted realities’ trinkets lodged in darkness’ unhomed histories and write lyrics of yesterdays’ provisioned improvisations

Touch tomorrows’ insensate reflections with liberal doses of deletion and untried verse while truths’ ideals perish at pyres of self-compassion and the suicide of grief itself no longer with tear atop horizons’ lost realms of misunderstanding

Seek sanctuaries’ bitter embraces of judgment within unfaithful deconstructions of hope

Transform wind to body’s echoes of unspoken scriptures stolen from dreamed wishes of desires artificial

Gather leaves shaken from lives’ plum trees amid quieted storms’ haze and plant them within molten fields from earth’s depths to grow welcome nothings in shadowed realms

Walk near waters’ calm embrace as hourglasses’ unthinking sands speak through footsteps

(Avi Sato, 2019.2.11)