avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Minds escape from assumptions of soul-filled sanctuary and turn to daily devotions freshly bottled from last nights’ liquid depression

Dawns’ haze simply dissipates with stimulants’ unquestioned necessities in sunshines’ absences in caves of self-sustaining bed obsessions

Reflective exportations denuded of difference discover kittens poses and revolutionarily sexed humor burdened with moralities’ absence as rite of passage

Compiled of regrets collected as childhood badges once sewed in pride now worn in memories divided between trauma and adulthoods’ requirement of failure as membership

You revel in decisions made behind the guise of drunken unthinking not as excuse but entertainment being the stick whereby self is measured in forests of victimized conquest

You speak of those dismissed amid loves’ afterward hatred in terms of animal lust and passionate attempts at disinterest while seeking tonight’s targeted pillowed tzar

Next morning brings hopes of narratives embellished by submission and memories’ threads of coyness rewrite themselves as unexpected error

Overridden by evening’s mating dance awaiting

(Avi Sato, 2019)