avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Nothing is lost on those who have lost their desire to hear as listening is become forgotten art and write-only pasts determine future hopes

Beliefs’ formations from shadowed bases of dead forest shrubs climb disintegrating ivy toward skies of carbons’ undated armageddons

Today is iteratively subverted through endless retakes’ divergence only one footstep from the mean yet enough to appear distant

Revolution resurrected yet no more than slightly while protections’ lefts battle harsh hatreds’ allies over word choice in the declaration of unindependence

Days disappear faced with exploration of meaning distantly undesired while spoken of with respectful tones reminiscent of the animation of generations past

Absence of all beyond formal inheritances of verisimilitudes that disappear the moment they are taken from their screen-bound selves

Kaddish unspoken in dry rooms oppressive in their secret exclusion for ideas once screamed from very walls of marching protest

Silent in the face of triumph

Defeated by preemptive dissolution of interest

(Avi Sato, 2019)