avi sato . be thought . live dreams



You lie awake consumed by impermanence that has soaked within your very being yet troubles with the sensations of fire that only derive from a world beyond your dreams’ collapsed horizons

No sanctuary is built in your imagination to hide you from the light that dispels shadows that you have built for yourself where you take refuge from troubling visions plaguing your memories

Unlearning your past overwhelms with stimulus a body no longer alive to the touch of friends’ fingertips beckoning you out of mountain streams where you submerge desires of rebirth in their frigid shallows

Rebirth no longer intrigues you in contrasts’ stark visions of tomorrow while similarity obsesses verses once believed lost into footsteps shaken from calm rivers’ pathways toward bridges not once safe in their crossings

Tomorrow hovers wild at the edge of a longing where divergent words enfold realities’ failures but call you into twilights of inaction

In this moment you yet stumble through single imprints of soul on sand trapped by currents that cannot reach you yet which you decide to embody since once in a time you seek not to relive but forget exists only within your creative distress

(Avi Sato, 2019)