avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Playing Bridge

Wavetops cast ephemeral shadows beyond existences’ sightlines
Beautiful only in their negative space
Relentlessnesses pummel breakwaters imaginary
Penetrating defenses’ limits to seek sanctuary for violent images
Within where remains a haven when boundaries fall not as dominos
But papers’ rice folds of undesired messages’ flimsies
Safety presents solely in numbers’ overwhelming force
Selves’ sanctities cast as pink-reflected freshwater spheres
Consumed by mass hysterias’ frenzied followings
There is now choice
Remain to be disintegrated forgotten as never having existed
Turn walk flee become backs’ visions of victimhood
Escape simply a morphed reincarnation of bruising
Nine-tailed words spill existentially inconsequent red liquids
Rumors’ chattering gently inserts itself beneath nude armor
Speak consent’s critique of common capitulation
To rooms of rights’ self-declared champions
Who hear silences’ virginities echo where syllables bounce back
Finding their tonguelashed origins before ears open
Dissimulation carries covering scents
One sees woman standing not scorned but ignored
Majorities’ insignificance in one being
Truth changes nothing in its reverberation
Diatribes of worthlessness conceal understanding gazes
Todays’ foundations would crumble if she were heard
Yet you dismissed her
They are safe

(Avi Sato, 2019)