avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Trap blatant snowflakes at the edge of unwieldy tongue tips before they may alight on darkened pathways beneath footsteps uncertain

Gaze beyond clouded hills to breathe sunrise into the glimmer of reflection showing beneath from the distant city’s polluted obsessions

Walk unsteadily beside troubled stream beds long become concrete while your feet sense the bones of unsainted martys become unwelcome reminders of reincarnations unrequited

Love outside coloring books’ delineated unsubtleties while unnoticed tremors gather beneath skin to plot new campaigns of civilized rebellion

From within to plunge eyes’ hopes into new heights of unknown beauties dreamed of but thought lost into a world whose lusts describe passions’ elaborate rules but escape

Callings where you taste into rebellions their lifeblood echoed from afar yet mere arm lengths away above sheets of silk rough with their unworn dignity

Placid in piety’s unpopular imaginations while into still airs of ices’ abandonment you stifle laughter from companions’ unsuitable to ears’ of friendship absent before it posits truth into your life

Popularity contests overwhelm horizontal expectations and drill liquid memories into regrets’ performative unimpassioned memories shivered onto diary pages best left to flame yet cherished in their acceptances guaranteed toward adulthoods of guilt

A simple touch saves you from futures unthinkable yet ubiquitous while hearts’ rhythmic entanglement presupposes branches of missing olives grasped as you do limbs to bridge rivers no longer absent their beauties’ ebbed within in your image

(Avi Sato, 2019)