avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Small hours’ subjective proximity clouds a vision of limitless lakes beyond horizons dominated by human intervention and becomes it toward imaginations of fateless forests thoroughly desired

Echoing starlight reveals little of hedgerows’ overwhelming sameness against backdrops of once-present mother’s natural in their conceptionless presence yet consumed by their millennia of disbelief

Torn from their roots trees of pleasant abandon hide behind veils or willing mists among pathways of pasts stretching behind memories institutional and vague to hallucinations’ hopeful unrememberings of profligate greens and lush lonelinesses

Unseeing visions taste truths unprofound and proximate within slivered moonbeams shocking in their undistanced simplicities yet unthinkable in their recreation as echoed northern facets present against contemporary failures of foresight

Fresh rains’ scents abandon a land of brightened canopies’ absence into pastured sameness yet pausing a breath’s bitter moment to shimmer into existence pretemporal idealizations of self-denials unfulfilled in their delights of eastern harmonies become dissident

(Avi Sato, 2019)