avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Knowledge as enemy overwhelms distant imaginings’ depictions of a reality so quickly lost in the detail of imperatives implied and guiltily imposed from lost histories and well-meaning traditions

Your helping hands smother amid expectations’ unfulfillment while presence compels reactive speech whose absence constructs incarceration in segregated tombs of sanctuary withheld

Singed phoenixes spread no wings faced with frozen flames’ shivering tongues entwining pacifist words whose very sound expounds panicked escape reflexes and denies senses’ immediate motions

Unlistening minds provoke normalcies in depths’ absences while the touch of air inundates already saturated obsessions and detaches consciousness from its sacred solitary rites of mourning

Selves’ deaths neither unpredicted nor visible to eyes clothed in pragmatic tomorrows’ preparations as actions become necessity in service of goals unwelcome yet memories’ plague

(Avi Sato, 2019)