avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Speak in my ear while I do my best not to listen
To what you have to say
Savoring the taste of your voice in my mind
Language irregardless
Text unnecessary
Speak only to the sensations that tongue transmits
Touch not skin but shape new images within me
Images of fragmentary desire
Momentary ideals
Beauty in your reflection with each charged breath’s brush
Not of hair but memory

Be not yourself alone
Combine with me not through insertion
Through speaking
While cohesions’ melded joins form
One in swallowed intent
Two unnecessary in conjoined expression

When truly I desire you in mind
Humanities’ importances cease their dominance
Souls’ energies transformations’ collected to new views
Tremors from underground tracts
Cisterns given way to aqueducts long dry
Flowing from streams of connected comprehension
Self fallen away
Summarily redrawn from principles of other
Become me

Touch my soul with your tongue from afar
Listen not to words
Breathe thoughts direct within by mind
Translate your memories for me that I desire you
Not for play but
Lexical gymnastics

Be within me
Become me

Breathe me so I see through your

Taste with your

Smile through your

(Avi Sato, 2019)