avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Spheric sonorities shimmer echoing between stone faces’ tacit existences giving nothing of themselves yet shaping ears’ interpretations by the simplicity of their curved natures

Within your eyes feel gradual attenuation of movement toward geological inaction but sleep not on your feet as you drink earth’s dancing plainsong

Interrupted by jays’ calls beyond horizons once eliciting ideas of limitlessness you have again been called from dream to places not awake yet somehow behind contemporary realities’ hold on present stereotyping of the moment

Penetrate veiled memories’ defenses to swim naked in shuttered forests’ streams atop viciously cloud-harnessed mountains suddenly relieving doubtful reminiscences toward beauties’ futures’ necessities

Breathe sunstroked elicitations of petals gradiented from shadows’ purple to pinks’ radiant translucences as mirrors not visual yet spiritual in their untimid requests for personal awakenings

Lie within unviewed trenches of minds’ subtle creation from past imaginings’ minglings in lands unadulterated by objectivities’ painful unrealities so to rest unsleeping and absorb new worlds of desire

Unfulfilled recollections of love burrow to new depths within once-grieving contemplations yet uncover purities unexpected beneath maturities’ gazes

(Avi Sato, 2019)