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On This Dark Night

On this dark night ‘mid winter’s cold
We look up to the sky
To see the sign that’s been foretold
And hear a baby’s cry.
We walk beside the wise men three
With frankincense and myrrh.
We do believe it now shall be
A time of peace on earth.

The truth about the baby’s love,
A savior born for all.
We see the star that shines above
That never more can fall.
This child will teach us how to live,
Hard to believe but true,
A baby is God’s greatest gift
Sent down from heaven for you.

We sadly have no gifts to give
Yet Jesus smiles on us
Our souls we offer, how we live,
We offer Him our love
And, but a child, he understands,
He sees our gift within
To rule o’er all the earthly lands
And take away our sin.

(Avi Sato, 2018)