avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Your name floats on air as you pronounce its oft-repeated syllables yet in its unwelcomed appearance from your lips I sense a warning of expectation

That you desire not a simple repetition of gesture but an intrinsic knowledge of prolonged understanding

Delving within a culture where identity is not created in its actions but its words and states of passive stillness

You imply that words give meaning

Not only stand in its stead to assist me in my memories’ creation

You talk of names as a right

While I see no reason why your identity must wrap itself in weathered gauze of given texts

Ink drunkenly scrawled on parchment of pasts long dismissed as irrelevant from ages when gods spoke into darkness to create myths

In dismissing irrelevant untruths we abandon self-identifications’ paradigms of genders’ subjugated connotations

Sundry femininities escape your mind in my western face while your assumptions walk patterns of confusion in the echos of voices’ depths

You are how you breathe each momentary laugh toward tears of guilts’ enforced escape

Not penned certificates’ misunderstandings

(Avi Sato, 2019)