avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Today dawns newly-veiled outlooks on dismissed escapist fantasies of last evening’s prejudices

Life-affirming mantras echo in cavernous despairs held tightly to offended breasts unwilling to walk into lightness

Broken glasses’ prismed edges reflect perspectives far more true to life than any accepted narrative

Self not lost but built in the image of an unholy icon dragged from memories’ desktops to portable scriptures

Spoken into voids of clouded dreams lost on the masses in their accessibility and promise of unmotivated simplicity

Thoughtless epiphanies’ quests deny sunwarmed beliefs of this morning as starting point for unassuming footsteps’

Bitter reflections on unwarranted hatreds

Sleep beckons to its heightened states of understanding for you who cannot break tradition’s hold on endless circles of ambivalence

Dozing kittens frolic in fields of deflowered regret behind screens of pawed unicorn rebirths

Party dresses disappear behind sweaters’ willing dismissal of all things effort

Your life sits upon stands taken without arising yet irony flits from your vision as you lie amid manufactured truths

(Avi Sato, 2019)