avi sato . be thought . live dreams



I walk imagined shores whose rocks miss no moments wherein passionate salt kisses speak tongues’ lyric expectations through overwhelming waves’ white desires of endlessnesses possible only in their natural bitterness unyielding to suns’ glances

I drink dark liquids in memories of depths unlit by Bast’s unwelcome abortion of the day while I search memories’ departed presence to awaken my eyes and draw feet toward candlelights’ shimmer beyond horizons of escaped impressions

I fall through blunted swords of pasts’ unwronged rites disentwining veils from shadowed faces in their natural stillnesses not to find rest in silences’ obviating rejection of todays but a loss found beneath yesterdays’ memorialized rewritings

I am consumed by tomorrows’ temples not yet stoned for their believings while my breath becomes like unsalted lakes as shallow in its presence as desires fallen on morning sand to give brief delay to the thirst of midday fires’ fatal touch

We elude fates’ prewritten lines in their prosodic substitution for memories of unexpected ownership through daylights’ failure to compose unspoken melodies of grief

I hide beneath magmas long cooled unseen to build new yesterdays in tomorrows’ images

(Avi Sato, 2019)