avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Grass’ touch on welcoming soles sparks tears at memories all but lost yet overwhelming in their intensity

Reenacted in vision if not truth yet somehow blanketed in veils of absent joy wrapped in rice paper folds of death’s thievery

Leaves pause in downward flight to negate ubiquitous dreams of returns to lands once vibrant in their possibilities now vast in emptiness

You call to winds to come consume in fires of pasts’ destructive obsession and beg for rebirth in unshadowed images of a future not yet lost

Answers scream yet echo into silence behind eyes clouded by imaginations’ recreations of love once innumerable in its idiosyncrasy

You feel the touch not of skin but breeze from mountains neither sacred nor sunk into words of profanity not fully lost in their startling clarity

Somehow outlines with depth but absent form in their unity of purposelessness while times’ mirrors decry darkness as sunrises delay beauty

Dusk decorates with its minimalist glow gardens of fallen cherry blossoms whose lives have discovered new beginnings in their decent

First light confuses with new patterns of discovery while you dance before my footsteps

(Avi Sato, 2019)