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Lost Echoes

Lost Echoes
Forest sounds release me from the terror that consumes
My every waking moment
Not in your memory
But as an escape from the
That I spend my moments no longer holding
Apart from the one of you
Who inhabits my mind
But a pale reflection of that one
The you who lived
Just beyond the reach of fingertips
But held out your hand
To me
And tugged me
Over the beautiful doorstep
Into a world created
In your image but all
Pervasively you
With silent words and actions
Vibrant in their shared effervescence but
No longer
This lives
Outside the walls of my soul
Or separate from memories
Whose fading is my constant enemy
While you no longer
Amid grass to fight the coming
And prolong shadowed existence
While that is all that remains
Of our passionate histories
The futures never to be
Yet imagined
In both our heartfilled footsteps
Ceased suddenly without
But those imprinted on my spirit

(Avi Sato, 2019)