avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Collide with my soul
Dearest beauty transcendent
Your life’s lyrics dance coital precursors
With joy uncompromising
Behind your eyes
Yet somehow within my memory
Tricks played therein
But you and only you consume me
As I believe fulfills today’s deepest hope
Leave not for a moment
My conscious presence
Even in distances’ necessities of each day apart
You live as oil overwhelming sailcloth
Beneath optic stimulation

Preaching gospels of protest you lie
New muse to decades of digital content
Reaching out to touch pixels
Somehow undesirous yet forthcoming
Cause me to speak of your mind
Transformed through languages’ rich tapestries
Woven between experiences’ myriad fantasies
As you talk through my ears
Lyrics from my lips at one step
Removed from pictures I created without artistry
Polished in your image to portray
Revolution’s banners of days’ newnesses
Spread on streets paved silver in their unlined reflections
Spiritual cohesion converts my tears

Love swims through fonts immortal and self-fulfilling
In your absence you live in me

(Avi Sato, 2019)