avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Beauty shivers slightly beyond the doorpost into unreality from this darkened room of negative development basking in the red-pigmented light of predawn shadows’ ubiquity

A cascade of rainbows breaks the visual silence of traumatic self-reflection yet it shakes you not from the half-slumber of remembrance into the daylight beyond your unenlightened night

As you step from entombed cloisters into the brilliance of morning’s presence a sensation overtakes a desire for becoming with the knowledge of life surpassing yesterday’s rocky walls of separation

With the unforeseen touch of petal to face you step beyond a time of thought into one where the newness of emotion not of goodness or evil but breathing a fluid essence of life rebuilds history in its image

You taste the vision of birdsong perfuming winds unseen yet brushing against nascent hairs striving toward sunshine on arms no longer covered in their shame but raised in adoration of panic’s absence

Walking paths of moistened streamside stones rebirths your soul from past lives into the openness of a morning literal in its becoming yet possessing the depth of an awakening you in oneness with the gods within the world

(Avi Sato, 2019)