avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Seek within the secret collapse of worlds made numerous in the image of your often dreaming mind before the sunset of a day already forgotten

Look within for those things that you have lost as they have been stolen behind a back unturned while you watched a culture of thieves ply their trade with your permission

No longer cry archetypes of tearful melodies into darkness while performed martyrdoms plague your compatriots into karmic balance sheets misinterpreted in their inegalitarian blindness

Speak truth not to power but to minds raped in the shadows of yesterday’s freshly-absolved guilts before confessionals whose births replaced the shrines lost to progress

Embrace not absence but the embodiments of ways lost in their suffering through expectation of life’s merited goallessness

Believe into action a presence between opposing sides of unspent coins grasped by clutching fingers whose owners seize control from selves unwilling to sit shiva for the beauty they know not they’ve lost

Pretend acceptance to emotion-scarred faces of solitary penetration to find upright lotuses amid cushions of willing stones caressed by streams of unconscious experience

Breathe the uncertainty of living freedom into the presumed hopelessness of unfaithful lip-servants’ pursuits of pretended converted zeal amid lightly-veiled immodesties of hatreds’ vocal fists

Kneel at dawn’s becoming whispers tasting mornings into your soul as you touch new sisters’ hands in welcome

(Avi Sato, 2019)