avi sato . be thought . live dreams


Haiku on thought

circumspect beliefs
amass sanctuaries’ lies
saying no more prayers

believe in a past
created in your image
remember not me

sit at tables low
resting on earth of new grass
look not at the skies

whisper joyful thoughts
into a silence that surrounds
the unspoken words

newer dreams than yours
dominate unthinking ones
fall not back to sleep

you speak of silence
simply sit and do not think
peacefulness appears

surfaces ripple
dragonfly descends quickly
reflexions shatter

walking by dark streams
you are lost in their whispers
lose not your footing

introspection shields
your feet from paths of brightness
wherein you find the truth

ancient white stone bridge
stands rebuilt over the path
prepared for its fall

nature’s wordless songs
descend to the valley floor
answer in silence

frost inhabits wind
penetrating each footstep
lips sting from tea’s warmth