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Haiku on love

love without friendship
society’s obsession
fails to satisfy

you want to be held
the beauty of another
dies at the hand of lust

simplicity is lost
yet you endlessly pursue
the chase is meaningless

you pretend to escape
desire’s expectations
it’s simply acting

performing love
suicide at another’s hand
death comes far too late

tears are passion’s smiles
clouded by another’s words
to mask their failings

you close your mind
to friendship and seek something else
and sadly find it

lifelong companions
have become our obsession
while dying in bed

sheets suffocate your mind
in the imagine of acceptance
pretend secrecy

shame you have been named
the stigma of failed passions
spoken of aloud

you ask permission
yet in its absence you touch
not their souls’ depths

confusion is within
ideals of love impermanent
change destroys me

liberation’s rhetoric
nations of acted desires
without curtained calls

accepted advances
become perilous escapes
from within ourselves

spoken negatives
ignored by expectations’
momentary evils

yes’ implications
shy in the deafness of love
but in name only

today’s pretended
partner fails to inspire
a clouded mind

seeking depth within
their eyes decimates chances
your mirrored self-love

ideals of passion
scream while you whisper no
on winds without ears

fingers intertwined
speak friendship’s unsung beauties
behind dreaming eyes

your embrace fulfills
as nights ablaze never shall
yet still are you gone

leaves descend on streams
carried by friendship’s calm winds
before storms’ passions

speak love’s artifice
in rooms darkened by movement
drowned by expectations

microscopes confound
heart as the place of liquids
where is now your love

hearts’ darkest affairs
shiver at dawn’s iridescence
tomorrow shan’t come