avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Dawn’s beauty collapses the shadows of unremembered twilights with its crystalline vision

Unknowable fates dance along the edge of civilization atop holy mountains imprinted on tablets rote and written

Morning grasses shimmer into existence not possible in the present of moments before when they hid their faces from your eyes

A wren’s calming melodies caress winds toward adding their plainsong to daybreak’s echoes of reincarnations’ long forgotten

Reflections’ counterpoint frolics unhurriedly into being as if it had never paused for rest before the moon’s obsequious face hidden by mists’ modesties

Edges of movement catch visions barely capable of discerning their existence yet certain that a presence denies the loneliness of forced exclusion

A subtle belonging overwhelms the spirit with its undeniable wish for an inclusion that is not of touch and spoken greeting but an animal intensity that is tasted in the air yet soothing in its distant proximities

Forever lands on skin with the forgiveness of the slightly out of reach and the comfort of speaking lyrics into the songs of the soul that only sound into the absence and shiver within strings of harmonics unprepared

(Avi Sato, 2019)