avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Hopes shiver within you
without expectation
but perhaps in fear of success
as failure comforts
in its solemn silence

Better live in moons’ tacit light
than risk the shock of mornings’
staggering revelation
that tomorrow comes not
before today’s engagement

Yet you look not to horizons
seeking enlightenment
or press vision toward walls
to find yourself
in minds’ simplified depths

Amid black dresses and
hidden behind beauties’
foregone conclusions of ineptitude
you seek predictable failure
for others

In your disengagement
you escape to safeties innumerable
in their concert
with friendships forged through
a connection of intoxicated familiarity

You know not thoughts of those you touch
beyond their spoken normalcies
and shared programmed losses
to penetrated insides
turned submissive in their predictability

No freedom to dismiss inaction
as busywork in service of unwelcome national identity

You are a good drunken girl

Lost to the needs of the moment

Self only in naming your next drink

(Avi Sato, 2019)