avi sato . be thought . live dreams



You vaguely glance into my overwhelmed eyes speaking silent words of forgiveness

While I see shock in a face others feel mirrors still ponds

Shivers of terrified futures rage behind tears once suppressed

Now become ubiquitous in their presence

Hidden behind instabilities’ hostile perception

Yet you believe love’s undying promise of tomorrows unlike this paralysis

Lost behind fences not of separation but masking with frosted glass’ unwavering hints at light

Trapped within inescapable echoes of unreal pasts become improbable futures unwanted yet self-fulfilling you touch my fingertips in encouragement

Yet I remain still

Not of desire to press you to movement but inability to select the first foot to raise toward your whispers

Two being imprecise in their presence and indecision the hallmark of imposed indecision

Left behind mingles with unrighted rains caressing shallow rain puddles on pavement beyond black

I cannot ask you to stay yet you sense inert sparks stilling my attempts to meet you beyond myself

You hold me with arms strong in their subtle passion to embody a dance of a single step

I may never leave this moment’s constraints of body yet in you I taste endless abandon of worlds behind your eyes’ simple song of trust

(Avi Sato, 2019)