avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Eyes open to the blackened remains of cultures’ ash devolved and blinkered by biases’ revisionist fantasies shed futures prescriptions for apocalyptic uncoverings of unprescient self-fulfillments solely on the bases of popularity contests’ manufactured beauty

Disbelief is no longer prescribed as supplementary therapy for the young seeking skies of gradiented greys and mingled seatones not yet elective self-medication somehow degenerated to ubiquitous illegality where faith returns to blindness

Obligations amass as dunes’ unwalking shadows creep ever closer to following fictitious lemmings’ footsteps in seeming vertical self-abnegation while shoulder angels scream obviousness from sidelines sheltered from vision by chocolate-flavored acceptance

Intoxicated staggering becomes baseline normalcy when doomsday scenarios turn to separation fences’ construction and concrete monstrosities segregate behind protectionist pasts’ ignorings of their inclusionary origin myths turning all indentured subservients to corporations’ ethical edits

(Avi Sato, 2019)