avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Glass stained with memories of your touch contrives to cast shadowed light behind the prismed walls of unconscious terror tasted by forgotten lips in concrete pasts

Unread books stack toward promised sunlights yet supporting pages cast no enlightened smiles toward tomorrows’ expectations of another you lost in a history of appropriations

Reflected in closed eyes your passion burns with the presence of an extinguished flame awaiting new kindling to be resurrected in the image of forgiveness yet buried

Secret within voices’ histories sung without harmonies in their presuming solitude to walk toward shivering leaves seeking any pain but that of your presence with its warm embrace and shocking beauty

You call into darknesses never without their lightnings’ flashes while echoes return to your mouth bypassing senses’ quivered to recreate pleasures’ performances within scents of dawns’ ubiquitous streams

Yet fears’ astonished lyrics shimmer rainbows above calm ponds tearing untruths from possibilities and plunging the unthinkable into next moments’ absolutes

You offer no sanctuary but in you and that price I would pay willingly if only it were not a self no longer in flight from empathic longings within your caring arms enfolded around a body I seek yet lose to press into your care

(Avi Sato, 2019)