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Brexit in Jerusalem

(to the tune of Jerusalem)

And did our feet in modern time
Stomp upon England’s future’s green?

And was that Boris Bus some God-
Awful unpleasant demon screen?

And did our populace insane
Hide ‘neath these darkened hills?

And was democracy martyred here
Among our Tories high on pills?

Bring me the truth on foreign gold!
Bring me the wisdom to inquire!
Bring me no news — thought’s death’s grown cold!
Bring out our government to fire!

We cannot shrink now from the fight
Nor shall our votes rest in our hands
Till we have saved our country’s soul
From hatred’s vision of this land.

(Avi Sato, 2019)

[ For anyone who is curious, I was told as a joke by a good friend that someone should protest the brutal silliness of Brexit by writing a parody of Jerusalem, Sir Hubert Parry’s monumental hymn begging for salvation from the destructive industrialization that has been the scourge of Britain for hundreds of years, rivaled in its power to eliminate the ideals of humanity by the rise of nationalism that led to Brexit. So I did. ]