avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Winds of desire do not conquer you yet standing before their unveiled gaze you drink their displeasure and walking from their thrones into wild places unmapped you are overwhelmed by their unrequited absence of love

No sands are carried on the breeze as you awake into the darkness of the sacred mountains yet you feel the light from within yourself at the newfound freedom that sees no limitations imposed from outside on your self-fulfilled dawns

A sparrow touches feet to branch above your head striking the eyes not with loneliness but its inverse as its melody carries into the dew-soaked undergrowth and finds no critics to answer among its kind and you taste the first day of freedom

Noon sun enlivens hopes of solitude rebuilding pasts in the image of a new interpretation as you donate your naked body to the secrecy of the lake where in newness the chance of movement without the presence of eyes astounds in ways you know it should not

You compose fresh autobiographies in styles before left untouched in their simplicity and speak to the animals gathered not in the judgment you left behind you but the beauty of interest in a human that others lost in assumptions of evolutionary superiority

Breathing out images of unobjectified peace you sink beneath sunset’s last glimpse over distant peaks before firelight and begin anew in the knowledge that in this place you once more have found yourself safe and sleep

(Avi Sato, 2019)