avi sato . be thought . live dreams



You wish not to be beautiful but to disappear beneath the ubiquitous gaze of expectations judging books not by covers but distanced desires of momentary passion

To escape from the watchful meanderings of eyes intoxicated by feminine presence outside the walls of museums’ signs crying look but not touch

Yet it is the looking that consumes your every breath and builds a home wherein you cry unseen seeking simply to walk over its threshold toward forests of sanctuary to be hidden between trunks of unspoken comprehension under canopies of opacity

No words fall willingly on ears beyond stimulus’ saturations and touch imparts electrical passions making thoughts of solitude sweeter in their impossibilities

To walk paths where others no longer speak into silence or feel the need to interact with lips or tongues or fingertips but drifting as island of self you cry in desperation yet others disappoint in their presence

Not still in unwelcome noise and oppressive proximity they hurt with their willingness to follow paths to inclusion where you seek the misunderstood joys of living beyond the walls of humanity

(Avi Sato, 2019)