avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Mere moments of knees brushing woven grass imitations of Amaterasu’s forest floors devolve perceptions’ dominances to forgotten traumas of lives no longer present in unlivable memories resurrected across times’ unfixed loops

Circles unbroken but for deaths’ insignificant vantages on pasts immemorable in undeciphered stanzas written in transparent inks on echoes’ waves between winds’ sighing unpredictability enfold futures dreamed for without design

Tomorrows’ yesterdays dance as leaves’ partners to Fūjin’s unbroken lyric intercessions amid unspeakable enervations behind eyes’ trembling nerves while stone walls’ unyielding projections inhabit trainees’ gazes giving to skies’ unclouded judgments momentary identities

Reverberations’ breathed melodic drives subvert movement desires with cyclic streams no longer purely digital visions for uncovered ears while petals dispel gravities’ harsh unambiguity and turn to the proximity of bamboo’s silken coverings

Opened eyes’ unseeing light drinks absent visions from igneous histories’ tales of fiery rebirth beyond shivering lands

Whispered flutes imagined between mountain faces tremble over rippled visions of dragonflies’ wings

(Avi Sato, 2019)